Recover from an Illness or Injury, Improve Mobility, Relieve Pain

Our physical therapy services are essential to the quality of life for both our residents and our community. Physical therapy helps people recover from their injuries, improve their mobility, and relieve their pain. This type of therapy plays a significant role in restoring, maintaining and promoting overall health and wellness.

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Putnam Heritage Assisted Living in Ottawa, Ohio

Northwest Physical Therapy Can provide Physical
Therapy and Speech Language Pathology Services
in the comfort of your own home!

Covered by most insurances, including Medicare!

Do you feel you would benefit from
physical therapy services, but:
• Don’t drive?
• Don’t like to leave the house in bad weather?
• Need to build up your strength before
you’re comfortable leaving the house?
• Just completed your home health
therapy treatments

Our friendly and professional therapy team
can come to your home to help:
• Improve your strength
• Improve your endurance
• Increase your balance
• Reduce the risk of falls
• Advise on home modification in the bathroom
(tub, toilet) and kitchen

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